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Cheese Plate


Our continental deli celebrates local produce and is filled with all the delicious items you need to make your antipasto needs. 

Our deli includes:






We also have a range of takeaway meals including freshly made lasagnes, ricotta and spinach cannelloni, macaroni cheese and assorted family pies. We have glazed ham, crumbed chicken breast, Vienna and Italian sausages, meatloaf.

All meats are sliced fresh and cut to customer’s requirements. 

Cheese Boards and Grazing Boxes

Appetizers are the perfect way to elevate your function to the next level. They are simple, yet delicious, and are the perfect way to bring people together. These grazing boxes are ideal for a picnic, wine and cheese night, or to create your very own grazing table at your next function or event. 

  • Meats 

  • Cheeses 

  • Antipesto items 

  • Olives

  • Oil 

  • Pasta

  • Condiments and sauces 

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